VRLA Batteries

In this technological age of electronic data storage and high speed telecommunication, any momentary loss of power to your servers, computer network or any other system running on the grid, may have devastating consequences for your business. Truly top quality batteries are required in order to keep your mind at ease. Panos Englezos Ltd promotes and exclusively distributes the undisputed global leader in the field of standby power, YUASA batteries. At your disposal is a wide range of AGM valve regulated lead acid batteries suited for the most demanding UPS system and any type of application that requires a reliable standby power source. (Telecommunications, runway lights, elevators, stair-lifts, security systems, CCTV, fire alarms, etc..)

The world’s No.1 battery
Yuasa are world leaders in valve regulated lead-acid battery design & manufacture. It’s NP Series for UPS are unrivaled in terms of technology & long life.
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